FAQ & Troubleshooting

  • Mani Moguls products are not tested on animals
  • We are a USA Based Company
  • We take great pride in the quality of our products and ensure that we will take any step necessary to provide our customers with a safe, quality product to make your nails look great!

Q & A

Q: My colors look different than the picture on the website. Why is that?

A: Colors will always appear different in person than on the screen you view them on. This is because screens can be altered lighter or darker. We try to post pictures as close as possible to the true color. Please ALWAYS read the descriptions of the product on our website before purchasing. This will help determine the true color because pictures aren’t always the most reliable.

Q: I am having an issue with a product what should I do?

A: Make sure to follow the directions exactly.  If you did, and are still having issues, please contact us at sales@manimoguls.com

Q: My Top Coat or Base Coat is thick, stringy or the brush is hard or the cap is stuck.

A: Make sure that when you are done using your base coat or top coat, you wiped the neck of the bottle with a paper towel and acetone.  Be careful to not get any acetone in the bottle. Don't leave the bottle open longer than you need and make sure to close it tight. You can gently use a wrench to open it if need be.

Q: My nails are chipping or I can see cracks, what is wrong?

A: Sometimes when nails are thin or very long, you need to add strength to ensure the nail isn't bending.  To do this, you can do an additional coat of Base Coat and another dip in the powder. When nails are very very long or using tips, it is suggested to do 4 coats of base coat and 4 dips in powder.

Q: Can you use tips to extend the nail with the dip powder products?

A: Yes you can! Glue tip on, cut down, shape and remove shine from nail and tip. Then dip with clear to stress point.  This is just above the middle of your natural nail. Then dip as usual.

Q: How long should my dip nails last?

A: Dip nails will last 2-3 weeks with proper application. If your dip nails aren't lasting that long, you may have oily natural nail plates which can interfere with adhesion.  When you remove the shine from the natural nail, try wiping nail plate with alcohol or acetone before base coat.

Q: My nails have grown out and I want to keep the same color.  Can I fill them?

A: Yes you can! File the shine off of the entire nail.  It is ok if some of the color comes off too! Then, using base coat brush on the gap between the natural nail and your old dip. Then dip! Then do another coat of base coat over entire nail and dip in powder.  Finish as usual.

Q: I am not happy with my product. Can I return or exchange?

A: We are not able to accept any returns or exchanges due to the product not being about to be resold once it leave our warehouse. We are sorry for this, but no one wants a used product or one that was possibly used before. 

Q: My package didn’t arrive or is lost, damage or stolen. What do I do? 
A: Did you purchase Route Package Protection? Contact Route and they will take great care of you! The only way to protect yourself from eating the cost of lost, stolen or damaged products from shipping is to purchase the Route Package Protection. Add it to your cart for a minimal fee. 

Q: I have a question, who can I contact for an answer?

A: Contact Mani Moguls at sales@manimoguls.com